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At E-Motion Dance we believe that everyone has a right to dance and express themselves through movement. Our tutors nurture an individual’s creativity through fun and friendly dance experiences in street, break and creative dance. Therefore developing confidence and self esteem.

We encourage and develop talent. Celebrating the success of all students and
inspire a love and appreciation of all styles of dance.


We praise ourselves as being a unique dance school that makes a difference. Providing our members with a safe environment that encourages and empowers them through movement.

Our community dance charity is dedicated to creating beautiful & treasured memories. In addition, offering exciting opportunities and experiences in dance that members will remember forever.

After 20 years we still strive to deliver fantastic community dance projects that benefit the wider community.  Through showcasing the achievements and joy of our wonderful students at many community events.

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We firmly believe that dance is not just beneficial for the body, but also for the mind. Dance is an amazing tool that can help teach indivuduals respect, discipline, perseverance, time management skills & explore their creativity

At Motion Control Dance, we have an amazing community of teachers, parents & students that make our studio one of the friendliest and most community based in the Vale.

We have created this discounted trial to give you and your family the opportunity to explore the  wonderful benefits of dance.

We hope to see you soon in our dance studio!”

Street dance is a term used to cover many different dance styles. At E-Motion Dance we encompass as much as we can and keep it real, teaching the origins/foundations of authentic vocabulary. As street dance did not evolve from the studio, we encourage freedom of expression and movement as well as routines and foundation movements of hip hop, locking, house, waacking and list goes on.
Breakdance, also called B-boying or breakin', involves coordination, style, flexibility and rhythm and is one of the most improvisational dance styles. Our Breakdance sessions are fast paced and athletic and is great for those children with endless energy.
In our Creative Dance class, you will go on a journey of motion. You will learn to move in a creative, freeing and graceful way in the contemporary dance style, whilst transforming your posture and balance and improving your fitness.

Enriching Experiences

E-Motion Dance provides opportunities in education, participation and empowerment through high quality grassroots dance training in authentic styles of street, hip hop, breakin and contemporary dance.

Raving Fans

  • My daughter has been dancing with Motion Control Dance now for 8 years, starting as a very young and full of beans little girl. Dance classes started on a Saturday morning with end of term shows and they also took part in other larger shows in the Vale. Over the years under the teachers supervision my daughter has moved up classes, taken part in a variety of shows and displays and finally securing a place in a competing team.  Being part of this team has now opened doors to her and the other children allowing them the opportunity to travel all over to show off their talent.
    My daughter struggles academically but in dance she has found something she loves and is good at. It surprises me that her school teachers claim she lacks confidence, as with dance she certainly doesn’t.  Dancing with Motion Control Dance has meant that not only can she dance but it has helped her to make friends, helped with her concentration, work as part of a team, and has helped boost her confidence.
    As a mum I can honestly say it was the best decision I made is signing up with Motion Control Dance for my daughters dance classes.

    Stacey Andrews Parent
  • The child I work with absolutely loves her weekly dance classes , its given her confidence in making friends and a the ability to express her creativeness in a nurturing atmosphere.  She is now more confident and is revelling in stage performances.  It's fantastic to see her confidence soaring being part of a team.
    My son since attending breakdance classes has gained so much confidence in himself. He says the teachers and his new friends are cool and he loves it.

    Jo Barbato Carer & Parent
  • What is so special about this group is the founder Emma Mallam. She started the group with a simple idea and now has a team of dance teachers who make a massive difference to lives in our community. My child is able bodied , dancing with children and adults with disabilities including those with cerebral palsy, downs syndrome and brain damage.
    All these dancers know what it’s like to have a good quality of life – being part of something that makes their abilities shine through and makes them happy and their family proud no matter what their challenges are. I’m proud that my boy is integrated at such a young age and is part of the dance group in the boy breakers section.

    Lucy Case Parent
  • Motion Control Dance is an excellent community dance provision. So lucky to have it my area. My daughter goes and I've seen her progress and grow in confidence. She's even danced on Cbeebies through MCD and met her idol Andy.
    The Co-ordinator Emma is absolutely devoted to getting the best outcomes for her troop from a dancing at local fete to completing in a world dance comp. Whatever the ability or starting point the MCD tutors are patient, friendly and accessible. Its great to see the kids put their gadgets down and move! It's gotta be 5 stars from me!

    Sy Joshua Parent
  • My son Leo was born with a brain damage and has no peripheral vision & other sight problems.  Since joining the Boy Breakers group, it has opened up a whole new world for him.  Leo loves Callum the tutor and wants to be just like him when he grows up!  When Callum invited him into a "dance off" at the Bay competition, he did so well and felt like one of the 'Big Boys'!  He thinks its cool when Emma tells him to 'give attitude'.......... so he does!  Leo loves performing and our family was so proud of him at the Summer Show, giving it his all and being part of his group.  He now dances everywhere......supermarket aisles, down the street, family gatherings etc etc.  As Leo says in his own words:- "Dancing is my life"!!  Thank you Emma and all your lovely team. xx

    Kym Haan Parent
  • My son thoroughly enjoys his dance sessions and loves to practice at home, showing off his new moves.  He can be quite shy and it has built up his confidence - thank you x

    Rebecca Helmore Parent
  • Absolutely thrilled with the service E-Motion Dance offers their students.  10 out of 10 from me!

    Holly Jones Parent
  • My daughter loves her dance classes.  They have given her loads of confidence, she is so happy and enjoys taking part in the shows

    Kelly Bryant Parent
  • I am so happy I moved to this company to dance. There are amazing opportunities! There are so many different styles of dance to learn here. I am a member of a competition crew here. Everyone enjoys to dance here! If u are looking for your child to dance go to this company - the standards are outstanding !!!

    Morgan Parsons Dancer
  • “My daughter absolutely loves Motion Control Dance and her team, she has been going since she was 4years old she’s now 9.  She learns something new every session and feels part of a dance family.  I would highly recommend Motion Control Dance Studio.”

    Kelly McCarthy Parent
  • “My daughter’s love for dance developed at a very young age, but was further developed when she joined Motion Control Dance. She’s been a part of this wonderful team for many years now. In that time her confidence has grown in leaps and bounds. Being a part of the competition team has only further developed her confidence and her love for all things dance. So much so that she now volunteers for the group and helps with the little ones. This not only gives her a sense of achievement whilst watching the younger children’s love for dance grow, but it gives her so much pride as she shares what she knows and loves with those just starting out in the dance world. a big thank you to Emma and the other tutors at MCD”

    Marianne Thomas Parent
  • “It makes me feel happy as we have so much fun together learning new dance moves - we are like one big family supporting each other”

    Sholah Hurley Dancer
  • “Our daughter has been attending this fantastic studio for about the last 2 years, in that time her skills, confidence and the opportunities she’s had to perform in competitions and various shows has been second to none, massive thank you to all the instructors for everything you have done for our daughter, we look forward to what the future holds #DanceFamily”

    Martin James Parent
  • “Amazing teachers! My daughters confidence has increased so much. She is so excited and happy going into each class.”

    Alice Britton Parent
  • “I love coming to dance because I see my friends and learn new things.  I also LOVE our new studio as it allows me to express my feelings in a safe place”

    Dionne Brooks Dancer
  • “Thank you to all at Motion Control Dance as you all helped to keep me smiling while I was ill - I am really thankful for it.    I love you”

    Morgan Parsons Dancer
  • "It was an enjoyable week but I found it tiring dancing all day - but that gave us the experience of what it is like to be a professional dancer.  The opportunity gave me a chance to learn new ways of moving and it has helped me and inspired my for the future"

    Jamie-Leigh Evans Dancer

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