Disability Dance Classes in the Vale of Glamorgan

Our unique Local Motion Dance sessions cater for children, young people and vulnerable adults with disabilities in our community.

The weekly sessions combine movement and dance based activities to music to encourage agility, balance and co-ordination.   Combining simple dance routines with with the use of equipment including ribbons, scarves, pom poms and parachutes.  These result in fun routines and activities which are designed so that everyone can join in and have a good time.

We give our members are given a chance to perform in front of audiences which increases their confidence and self esteem.  In addition is also increases their social skills by meeting new friends.

The Local Motion Dance sessions enhance the lives of family, friends and carers and help promote a positive outlook towards those with a disability.   It also develops an appreciation in our community for their creative pieces of work.

Nurturing Expression
This 45 min session is specially designed for children aged 5-11yrs with disabilities. This class focuses upon creative and expressive methods of dance using improvisation, role-play and props. The highly qualified teaching staff work on developing each individuals skills whilst helping to expand their movement skills and social, emotional and behavioural development. They create their own movement phrases that are performed at our concerts and local showcases.
Let's Make Magic
This group of disability dancers are aged 12-25yrs who have a passion to dance and perform. They choreograph lovely pieces of creative contemporary dance with the help from their professional tutors that is showcased at local, regional and national events throughout the year.
Chance 2 Dance
Our Adults dance sessions are specialised and suitable for everyone including wheelchair users and those with little mobility. Carers stay at the community sessions and are encouraged to join in with the classes if they want to! They express themselves through movement whilst engaging in new social circles and increasing their confidence and well being.

Making A Difference!

The classes enhance fitness and physical participation.  Help reduce social isolation and develop new skills that will broaden their horizons.  Allowing them to express themselves through movement.

We hold the Disability Sport Wales Silver INSPORT badge for inclusivity and good practice in the Vale of Glamorgan.

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  • Local Motion Adults

Thankful Thoughts

  • Motion Control Dance classes for children with special needs are inspirational.   My daughter would NEVER take part in her school performances but with Motion Control Dance's help she is confident enough to perform on stage in front of 100s of people now!  The work Motion Control Dance teachers do doesn't just make young people into dancers, its a great boost for their self esteem and a fantastic way of helping them develop their social skills.

    Philippa Williams Early Intervention and Support Manager at Adoption UK
  • I have linked with Motion Control Dance for over 7 years and they have been providing excellent Disability Dance Sessions as well as inclusive opportunities. The instructors have a huge amount of experience when it comes to providing dance activities for people with impairments. They include everyone and they concentrate on a persons ability rather than disability. The instructors tailor dance moves to suit each individual, this helps create a superb inclusive atmosphere where all the participants thrive. Motion Control Dance also give lots of opportunities for people to perform live in front of audiences in a number of different venues. This is brilliant as it gives people the opportunity to become more confident when it comes to performing. I highly recommend Motion Control Dance and will continue to work with them on a long term basis.

    Simon Jones Disability Sport Wales Development Officer Vale of Glamorgan
  • My son Leo was born with a brain damage and has no peripheral vision & other sight problems.  Since joining the Boy Breakers group, it has opened up a whole new world for him.  Leo loves Callum the tutor and wants to be just like him when he grows up!  When Callum invited him into a "dance off" at the Bay competition, he did so well and felt like one of the 'Big Boys'!  He thinks its cool when Emma tells him to 'give attitude'.......... so he does!  Leo loves performing and our family was so proud of him at the Summer Show, giving it his all and being part of his group.  He now dances everywhere......supermarket aisles, down the street, family gatherings etc etc.  As Leo says in his own words:- "Dancing is my life"!!  Thank you Emma and all your lovely team. xx

    Kym Haan Parent
  • Motion Control Dance classes for children with special needs are inspirational. My daughter would NEVER take part in her school performances but with MCD's help she is confident enough to perform on stage in front of 100s of people now! The work the tutors do doesn't just make young people into dancers, it's a great boost for their self-esteem and a fantastic way of helping them develop their social skills. Tonight was a lovely end to the term; the dancers were all superb. So proud of my Local Motion daughter who has been using the phrase "I am a dancer" a LOT today - and tonight she proved that yep, she really is a dancer!

    Philippa Williams Parent
  • Emma and her fantastic team of tutors teach the children on the same level no matter what their ability so my daughter has always felt valued and on a par with people who have the same difficulties she does and she really can be herself. I thank Motion Control Dance and the team of staff for helping me raise my child in a nurturing, accepting environment.

    Jo Williams Parent
  • My son's confidence has rocketed after joining his disability class. He has the time of his life and loves performing at the various shows put on. The staff are fantastic with him.

    Lisa Harrhy Parent
  • “My non-verbal and autistic 10 yr old son has been a member of Motion Control Dance since 2016 in the local motion dance class. It is his favourite after school activity and he thoroughly enjoys his dance sessions which are supervised by amazing and dedicated dance tutors.”

    Angela Wong Parent
  • “My grandson has been going to this dance class for over 3 years. He has come on leaps and bounds since he started. Originally, he was disruptive but with the support of the two specialist teachers he has developed his dance skills, his social skills and his ability to work alongside others without being disruptive. As the tutors are proficient in Makaton they have also supported him with signing which is very helpful for a little boy with Downs Syndrome and global learning. This class has without doubt enhanced his quality of life.”

    Irene Parow Grandparent
  • “Its such a wonderful inclusive dance school”

    Kate Ashman Motion Control Dance Board Member
  • “My son is part of Local Motion performance group if it had’t been for the wonderful staff at motion Control he would never have had the opportunity to do what he loves to do & that is dance on stage!”

    Gillian Jarzembski Parent

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