Mature in Motion

Lets face the music and dance!

   Our Mature in Motion programme allows adults and older people to have fun, keep fit and active and socialise. Dancing has a way of taking your cares away and it feels good to the soul, dancing also has some major health perks. Research shows dancing can improve your mental health by boosting your overall happiness.

Dancing can improve cardiovascular health, increase stamina, strengthen bones and muscles,  improve balance, improves cognition and memory recall and can stave off illnesses.

Have you ever considered taking a dance class? We offer an option for those who are not so athletic to get some great exercise.

‘You don’t stop dancing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop dancing!’

Fun fitness classes for anyone over the age of 18yrs with PDT and Turn D'Up. Sessions incorporate various Latin and RnB dance moves in an aerobic structure working the following areas; Upper & Lower body, Cardio and Core strengthening. Expect to get a sweat on with these classes!
Creative Movement
Creative Movement
A creative dance class for those over 50 who want to express themselves through movement to keep them active and meet new friends. With an aim to improving overall well being this session can be done either seated or standing.
Tai Chi
Tai Chi
This class improves mental health and physical well being for older people focusing on the mind, breath and movement to create a calm, natural balance of energy. It loosens and strengthens joints and muscles, rejuvenates the mind, body & spirit, improves concentration as well as helping blood pressure problems and balance.
This programme allows our tutors to create energising, inspiring and fun sessions for people with dementia. These sessions improve memory, it can evoke emotions & create positive moods, it can help with balance, delay age related decline, generally improving people’s lives as you reconnect through movement.

There is a dancer in all of us

Don’t get intimidated because you feel like you’re not a good dancer. Who cares?   It’s about you moving your body in your way not like the rest of the people in the class.    At Mature in Motion we have just one rule – don’t take yourself too serious – allow yourself to lose all your inhibitions. Zone out and focus on how great you feel and that no one is judging you.

No Matter What your age

Meaningful Movement Project

Positive Notes

  • "You lose your inhibitions and it stimulates your imagination"

    Julie Turner Elder Dancer
  • "I would like to say how much I enjoy your creative dance sessions.  I find the warming up section at the beginning invigorating.  Its only a short session of easy movements but brings the body to life.       For me having to build up a routine by remembering sets of sequences, stirring the "grey cells" as it were, is truly helping me on a daily basis"

    Merryl Jones Elder Dancer
  • We first met through our meaningful movement sessions, which have enriched our lives and brought us lots of memories. We have had many special moments together and many more. No bad bits!”

    Care home resident
  • “That it is amazing for the residents well being. Most of them have said how they used to love dancing back in the day, but different ailments have prevented this as they have got older, but they are now able to participate."

    Karen Greening Staff Member
  • "Terrific is the word I like to use about your Tai Chi session.  It has helped me to relax, regulate my breathing with movement, it’s a good workout within my capabilities and a time when I cannot think about anything else except the joy of participation in a controlled artform, and it helps  my mental wellbeing and has made my sleep pattern much better."

    Mary Sweatman Participant
  • "I really enjoy coming to your Tai Chi class in Rhoose. I am 55 and I was nervous about starting to exercise again. I find your Tai Chi class relaxing, uplifting, improves my posture, balance and mobility. I have made new friends, this has been very important to me as we relocated to South Wales last year.
    You are a friendly, professional and enthusiastic instructor and have made me feel very welcome and supported, I always leave your session feeling I have exercised but I also feel positive and I look forward to the following weeks session.
    Many thanks"
    Jane Purden Participant
  • "I look forward to each session as it makes me feel so good.  There is a very positive atmosphere that allows and encourages one to explore one's  sense of self, no pressure, relaxed and comfortable.
    It feels wonderful to experience the full wonder of your body through dance, it certainly has benefitted me physically and mentally.  It is also good to be part of a group who encourage and support in a safe environment. "

    Jean Green Participant
  • "The dance group is a pleasure to come to.

    The group is welcoming and inclusive.

    The leaders are gentle, sensitive, creative and inspirational.

    It feels good physically and mentally to let my imagination run free.

    A slight criticism recently, that we spend most of the session warming up, leaving little time for the creative dance, which is my favourite part.

    A delightful new floor. A pleasure to dance on"

    Sally Tilly Participant
  • "Most noticeably the tai chi has given me more feeling in my fingers and toes as well as increased suppleness and balance.
    It is a routine that is easy to engage with and keeps me interested in practicing."

    Bernard Heslin Participant
  • "As a 76 year old it is clear that my suppleness and agility are not what they once were!  However since attending your lessons  I find I am not as stiff and exercises once found to be very difficult are now much easier.  I believe my energy levels have risen and I am calmer in everyday situations,  also I have made new friends, even from amongst neighbours."

    Jenny Rowe Participant
  • I have found the sessions very rewarding, and have made many friends, health wise - the gentle exercise is helping a shoulder problem and my balance is improving.  The tutor is very patient and helpful with the many different
    people who attend."
    Margeret Parry Participant
  • "I have found the sessions very good and have a feeling of well-being at the end of each session, which lasts for a quite while.  The class is a very friendly and helpful which contributes to the whole environment."

    Lorraine Field Participant
  • “I feel the project is amazing - I have never seen the residents look so alive”

    Huw Gibson Manager
  • The movement sessions have helped our residents hugely, we have seen a big improvement in the mobility & it has also given the residents a lot of confidence within themselves"

    Carol Kerslake Staff Member

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