Motion Control Dance Members

There are over 150 Motion Control Dance members attending our weekly dance sessions at the YMCA Barry.  From age 3 upwards, we cater for all abilities to ensure each session is enjoyable and enriching to their lives.

Each year Motion Control Dance works with over a thousand individuals on the various projects we deliver in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Motion Control Dance Members

What Our Dancers Think

Dancers were asked to give one word on why they love coming to Motion Control Dance – here are a few things they said










“Stops Boredom”














“For All”

From the Heart

  • I have learnt many things from dancing with Motion Control Dance over the last 9 years. I've experienced opportunities from auditions to competitions.  Being one of Motion Control Dance's many students I have gained skills and knowledge in dance that is helping me with my college course in performing arts as it has showed me how to express myself.  MCD has caring dance teachers that has taught me to strive in what I want to do, to be successful and has truly helped me to gain confidence within myself. With Emma's help I was able to achieve an A* grade in my GCSE dance exam and gain lifetime friends. Motion Control Dance makes everyone feel welcome.
    Hannah Bishop Ex Dancer
  • I gained an interest in dance from the age of 11 years old. I knew from my first dance lesson with Motion Control Dance that it was something I was passionate about and everything week I would look forward to my dance classes. It made me come out of me shell into this confident motivated person that I never knew I was. I still remember my first competition like it was yesterday, competitions where very competitive and nerve racking but an amazing experience at the same time, the buzz it left you with after performing was unforgettable! Without MCD I would never of even had the opportunity to do this and to see so many places! We went as far as Germany to compete, I have so many memories with dancing with MCD and without them I wouldn't be where I am today. After gaining my GCSE in dance at A* standard I then went on to further education in Bristol where I studied another 2 years.  So from that one dance class at 11 years old it's now brought me to a whole new level, a level I never imagined of reaching! And once again all this is down to Motion Control Dance,  an amazing organisation that has inspired so many young people and left me with the best child hood memories all children should experience!

    Nioami Everitt Dancer
  • I am so happy I moved to this company to dance. There are amazing opportunities! There are so many different styles of dance to learn here. I am a member of a competition crew here. Everyone enjoys to dance here! If u are looking for your child to dance go to this company - the standards are outstanding !!!

    Morgan Parsons Dancer

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