Well who would have thought that our Director would have her 20 years celebrations whilst in isolation!  Theatre was booked, dancers were in rehearsals, costumes had been paid and we were all preparing for our annual showcase when our studio had to close due to the global pandemic!

2020 was supposed to be Motion Control Dance 20 years celebratory showcase but instead we were all locked in our homes, unable to dance together!

Emma Mallam decided that she would create a short phrase called ‘The Next Episode’ which would have been the finale of our 20 year showcase but instead we went digital.  Dancers created their own phrases and danced together on screen.


Here’s a collection of footage from the past 20 years of MCD projects


Well done Motion Control Dance – here’s to another 20 years of community dance in the Vale of Glamorgan.  If you are interested in joining our dance family then sign up for a free trial here

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