Wow this class is going from strength to strength. Local Motion Adults dance class was set up in 2017 thanks to funding from the Active Communities Programme from the People Health Trust.


This class was set up to improve the participation of local adult residents with a disability.  To allow them to feel empowered.  To lead and take ownership of the projects design.  And also help to the deliver and develop the sessions.  It was also to decrease social isolation and loneliness amongst the adults.  Therefore, helping to improve connection and friendships amongst the participants. The original participants took part in their first performance in the summer of 2017 at our annual show at the Memo, Barry.

Jump forward to 2020 and Local Motion Adults have 22 adults attend from supportive living and community organisations every week. New friendships have been formed and their confidence and wellbeing has increased. The participants thoroughly enjoy creating dances together. They enjoy an eclectic mix of songs, different dance styles and using a variety of props.

We work in partnership with local agencies and organisations for adults with disabilities.  For instance – Hen Goleg, Woodlands, Beechwood College, Scope, Valeplus and Innovate Trust.

We look forward to the future development and progress with Local Motion Dance Class.

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