Motion Control Dance has been granted funding from DM Thomas Foundation to continue the great work of our Local Motion Kids Dance classes.


Our Local Motion Kids Club is a weekly dance class for children aged 5-10yrs with disabilities who also love to dance. This small class of 10 members explore the basics of dance vocabulary to build lovely pieces of work.

This term the dancers in the Local Motion Kids class have been busy exploring the vast array of props. They tested their balance using the planks, twirled with the ribbon rings and did lots of shaking with the pom poms.

Props are great to use within the class as they not only enhance a dance piece, but they also help the children with creating and performing the movements.Letting the children explore the prop in a safe environment is great for their imagination.  It is also lots of fun for the children. We are very thankful to our helpers within the dance class as they assist the dancers who need more support and focus on a 1:1 basis.



These classes focuses upon creative and expressive methods of dance using improvisation, role-play and props. The highly qualified teaching staff work on developing each individuals skills whilst helping to expand their movement skills and social, emotional and behavioural development.

Local Motion Kids Dance


This group creates their own movement phrases that are performed at our concerts and local showcases which develop their confidence and self esteem whilst making new friends.


We also support the dancer’s communication using Makaton (a language programme that uses symbols, signs and speech).   Motion Control Dance holds the Silver Insport Badge for inclusive practice awarded by Disability Sport Wales.


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