Street Dance Winners

Dancers from Motion Control Dance competed at a few Street Dance competitions and were amazing!  

Our young dance team Little Persuasions took part in their first competition and had an amazing time, competing at the WDO Street Championships in the under 8 newcomer category they successfully smashed their performance to be awarded 2nd place. Dancers were achieved trophies in the under 6 solos with Ewan Carrick getting 6th place and Sholah Hurley being the star of the day winning first place.  Our amazing older team Juvenile also were successful as they competed in the under 16 category dancing against dancers 3 years older than them and achieving 4th place.

Both competition teams then took part in the UDO Welsh Championships with Lil Persuasions competed in the U10 beginner section & Juvenile  in the u18 novice section and were placed 4th out of 8 really good teams with our Little Persuasions being were awarded 3rd place out of 14 teams.
All soloists performed well with Kiki, Morgan, Bobbie and Izzy getting through to the semi finals.  Winners in the solo categories was Hannah placed 6th in the u14 novice with Liam in the u10 and Sholah in the u8 beginners division winning 1st place.  

Juvenile also smashed the floor at the 101 Championships winning first place in the U16 beginner category looking just as fierce as their costumes!

Well done to all who took part and enjoyed the competitive experiences.


Welsh Street Dance Championships

what we did

Competition Teams in U10 beginner & U18 novice


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