‘We will rock You’ is Local Motion Dance Company first digital online performance piece.


Well 2020 the year that is full of surprises! Starting back in January, the calendar already filling up, working, developing, practising ready for the months ahead of the exciting events LMDC were taking part in or performing at. But little did we know what was around the corner 2 months later. 10 years of Thursday evening classes with LMDC suddenly came to a stop. The doors to the studio were shut with no idea as to when we will be returning. The face to face contact that we had on a weekly basis suddenly relied upon a screen for interaction. I am sure we would all agree that this just was not the same.

Having not taught LMDC weekly since March and not knowing when we will be able to return, I thought that it would be a good idea to create something digitally as a memento of the time we were all apart due to the global pandemic of Covid-19. This was going to be something new to us all. Everyone having to work all by themselves at their homes, learn the choreography via a screen live or pre-recorded and how to film themselves performing the routines. I wanted the choreography to be a collaborative project between us all, and it was during a catch up Zoom session that one of the dancers suggested his favourite song, and with everything that was going on the title couldn’t have represented LMDC any better as they do really Rock!

Enjoy watching LMDC performing We Will Rock You, Lockdown 2020.   Click here for more information on our disability dance company Local Motion


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