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Our dedicated teaching staff at Motion Control Dance are all professional and qualified in the field of community dance.  They all hold a current enhanced DBS and stay up to date with all safeguarding and professional development to ensure our members have an enjoyable dance experience.

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Positive Reviews

  • Motion Control Dance was the kick start to my teaching career, it gave me my first opportunity as a dance teacher/ choreographer in South Wales.  Dance in general didn’t have many opportunities or much promise for careers in Wales in 2007, there was only a handful of teachers, Emma being one of them. Seeing what she had accomplished with the youth in Barry inspired me become a choreographer that actually cares and is not just in the business for money. Emma is a very caring person, an amazing mentor and has definitely benefited the dance scene in South Wales for many years. She has given a chance to those that want to learn how to dance, to those that want to improve their skills, those that want to perform and also those that want to teach. Im glad to say I was part of this fantastic programme and worked with Emma during my early years as a dancer and choreographer.
    Lee Crowley Crew - Soul Makericks, A Team, Dancer/Choreographer/Teacher
  • I am so grateful to have been taught and have had the opportunity to work with Motion Control Dance over the years. Their work ethic and commitment to us students & dance leaders over the years has always been consistent yet encouraging.  The teachers have always pushed the students to a level to exceed and has always been there for any advice or guidance.
    Emma (the director) has always been there for me throughout my point of training / studying and and certain career opportunities. Over the years she has encouraged me to complete many courses and if it wasn't for Emma's encouragement and influence over the years I probably would not have gone to university to study dance further.
    Motion Control Dance has always fulfilled me with amazing opportunities such as being able to compete with a team for so long, assisting and teaching teams over the years, taking us to Germany to represent Wales in Championships over the World and most importantly letting me be a part of The Big Barry Dance Project. I thoroughly enjoy being part of this organisation and it's made me realise more and more over the years just how much Emma has done for her students and for the community in Barry. She has helped so many children with confidence, comfort and activity that it is inspiring to watch how much can be changed.
    Emma has always been there for me and I look up to her as a role model and wish to follow in her path one day, being able to run my own Dance school the way she has for so long, guiding and being a big part of so many people's lives.
    Until that day comes I just wish to continue to learn and work along side with Emma, after all we are The A Team! Many more projects to come. I am so grateful to Emma and Motion Control Dance, and would just like to say thank you for everything!

    Yasmin Harcourt Student Teacher/Choreographer
  • Emma and her fantastic team of tutors teach the children on the same level no matter what their ability so my daughter has always felt valued and on a par with people who have the same difficulties she does and she really can be herself. I thank Motion Control Dance and the team of staff for helping me raise my child in a nurturing, accepting environment.

    Jo Williams Parent
  • Excellent Dance Company that engages all ages and abilities, it is well organised, friendly and has hard working professional teachers

    David Morrison Parent

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