Whether its towards Welsh Baccalaureate, DoE or University placement, Motion Control Dance works with a variety of volunteers to help gain experience, knowledge and empowerment to young people and adults who want to work in community dance.

Volunteering opportunities gives you the chance to make a difference to people’s lives and use your skills and experience to help your local community.

Gaining Accreditation 

Motion Control Dance enables many young people work towards their Star and MV awards in volunteering.  Dance Leaders achieved their 50, 100 and 200 hours certificates by assisting our dance staff and helping supervise children at events.

Motion Control Dance also delivers the Sports Leaders UK Dance Leadership Level 1 & 2 courses to students who have an interest in teaching community dance.

Greatly Appreciated

  • Volunteering and dancing with Motion Control has enabled me to gain so many new skills and meet lots of new people. I volunteered with the disability class which was great fun and took part in various shows with them. I have gained skills such as leadership and team work as I can now lead a dance class confidently to different age groups. I have also gained many friends which I have kept in contact with over the years. Even though I have not continued to pursue dance as my future career, having the hours under my belt has allowed me to gain a place at university and also volunteer at local youth clubs. I am very grateful to Motion Control Dance for helping me grow as a person and for helping reach my goals.

    Billie Cayton Dance Leader
  • I have just begun to volunteer with Motion Control Dance and I think the opportunities they give young people is amazing.  They are helping me gain experience for my future career and I love working with the children groups of able and disabled dancers.

    Olivia Williams Dance Leader
  • I have been a dance leader for Motion Control Dance for awhile now and have completed my 100 hours Star Award. I love working with the under 6s classes every Saturday as it makes me feel like I have something to look forward to. I feel like a cherished part of the team at Motion Control Dance as they give me opportunities and experiences that I enjoy.

    Chloe Thomas Dance Leader

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